The MTM470 is the first mechanical seal system for propeller shaft electronically controlled in the world.
Based on the mechanics of the MTM400, it joins the already known mechanical revolutions with the first system managed by a software that allows you to control on the monitors controller or directly in the engine room the operating status of the mechanical seals in real time.
The 7 sensors incorporated in the MTM470 control, record and analyze respectively: radial and axial vibrations, temperature of the cooling medium, the pressure of the cooling fluid, temperature of the sliding faces, speed in revolutions per minute and wear, or the degree of deterioration of the sliding faces.
The software record all these values and transmits them in various languages (CAN BUS, CAN OPEN, TCP/IP) to the monitors controller in which the operator can view them with different levels of instructions (green field, where conditions are in the limits set by Microtem, yellow field in which the measured values enter the alert threshold and red field, when the detected values generate an alarm operation indicating that you should immediately check the operating status in order to avoid damage).
All of this data, in addition to the transmission and to the display, are processed by a processor of latest generation in which an algorithm of our design work, as recent data transmitted, shows the operation hours that the mechanical seal can still perform, considering the current conditions. The operator can monitor the status of the seal by setting the display of the “lifetime” of the MTM470 according to the latest hour of operation, to the last 12 hours of operation, to the last day of operation or according to the last seven days of operation. The residual operation time is a value in constant update that does not determine the final limit of operation but with the estimation of the operating conditions, it signals the approach to the area of “possible failure”.
The acquisition unit, the heart of this project, is specifically designed to accomplish this service. It is in fact able to handle a multitude of sensors (in addition to those of the mechanical seal), connected for example to the engine (temperatures, vibrations control etc.) or more in general to the line of propulsion. It is able to become the brain of the vessel acquiring commands and evaluating prior whether the conditions allow to carry out them. This electronic system is able to manage, in addition to sensors, also the webcam or other accessories for the completion of the information. It transmits according to all protocols and languages, via GSM, satellite, bluetooth, wifi , offering the possibility to remotely manage the operating information. The MTM470 is designed and built to provide a tool to avoid running into failure and aid in the management of the resources of those who owns a fleet of boats.
In fact, thanks to the analysis in the medium and long term they can determine which are the most frequent abnormal, what are the best configurations and on how many boats, and after many hours of operation we had to intervene to repair a fault.
From now, the management of naval unit has never been easier.

Operating limits:

D= 2” to 19.7”
P1= up to 36.3 PSI
T= - 40 °F to + 750 °F
V= up to 99 ft / s
Axial movement + / - 2.0 mm
Radial Movement + / - 3.0 mm
Angolar Movement up to 2°


Ethylene propylene

Face materials:

Silicon carbide
Tungsten carbide
Carbon graphite antimony
Carbon graphite resin

Technical Drawing


1. Stationary holder
2. Rotary holder
3. Centering sleeve
4. Stationary ring
5. Rotary ring
6. O-ring flange
7. O-ring
8. O-ring
9. O-ring
10. O-ring
11. O-ring
12. O-ring
13. O-ring
14. Watershield holder
16. Extraction hole

17. Pneumatic sealing ring
18. Watershield cover
21. Vent hole
22. Screw
23. Screw
27. Compression ring
28. O-ring
29. O-ring
30. Liquid seal adapter
32. O-ring
33. Grub screw
34. Cap
35. Cap
37. Screw


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